2500mg Highly Concentrated Hemp Extract with 0% THC - WITH TERPENES

2500mg Highly Concentrated Hemp Extract with 0% THC - WITH TERPENES

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We've added highly effective terpenes to our 2500mg highly concentrated hemp extract oil, which contains no THC - perfect for those who want the benefits of cannabinoids without the worry of positive drug tests (please see disclaimer below).

Our unique process removes the small traces of THC from our full-spectrum CBD oils while leaving behind all the terpenes, cannabinoil and flavonoids.

Our 2500mg is our highest concentration with no THC and also includes highly concentrated terpenes, including:

Humulene: used commonly for infections, cancer, pain relief, anti-inflammatory and appetite suppression

Limonene: used commonly for anxiety, cancer, weight management, digestion, sleep aid and liver detoxification

Linalool: used commonly for treatment of psychosis and anxiety as well as boosting the immune system, and even slowing down Alzheimer's and reducing lung inflammation

Alpha Pinene: commonly used as anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator, anti-anxiety and pain relief.

Unsure which dose is right for you? Please check our dosing chart to help make a decision. 

Please note - we cannot absolutely guarantee a perfect drug test. No one can. But we are confident in our process and proudly sell this special blue label to those who don't want THC.