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A company called "Botanical Farms" is selling products NOT RELATED TO US, and appears to be a scam.

We are NOT Botanical Farms. We are Reward Botanicals. We are getting calls/emails from people who unfortunately bought from this other company, which says it is located in Smyrna, TN. We have our physical address, phone, and all of our information about our products. This other company does not provide information. 

Since we are NOT affiliated with them in any way, we can't to help you. We suggest you please call your credit card company, the BBB and the FTC to report them. Hopefully with enough complaints they will shut down. 

If you buy from Reward Botanicals, we do what we say! Feel free to call us and discuss our products and we will help you! Use this form for additional information. We appreciate you and are sorry if this happened to you! Thanks!