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Colloidal silver products are made of tiny silver particles suspended in a liquid — the same type of metal used in jewelry, dental fillings and silverware. Given their small size, a normal filtering process would not remove them. 

Reward Botanicals' colloidal Silver is great for immunie and gut support, and is 99.99% pure silver ions in bioactive form. We only have two ingredients - pharmaceutical-grade pure water and pure silver - so there's nothing you don't need. And with Reward's 30PPM concentration, you can take less daily doses - only twice per day instead of multiple times.

For more than 2,000 years - well before modern antibiotics were developed - colloidal silver was used as an all-purpose remedy for various infections and illnesses. A natural element that can be found in whole grains, edible and medicinal mushrooms, mammalian milk, spring water, sea water and tap water, it is known to be an effective antimicrobial and was used to heal wounds, fight bacterial, viral and fungal infections and treat infections throughout history. Colloidal silver is also said to have broad antibacterial and antiseptic effects when taken orally or placed on a wound.

It is unknown exactly how colloidal silver works. However, research suggests that it attaches to proteins on the cell walls of bacteria, damaging their cell membranes. Reward's colloidal silver are nanoparticles, which allow for the highest bioavailabilty and effectiveness.

Colloidal silver has been used to combat 650 disease-causing bacteria and viruses, without any known side effects or drug interactions. To ensure Colloidal Silvers effectiveness, drink at least eight 8oz. glasses of water per day, to avoid a “healing crisis”, which is a reaction which seems like the flu. A “healing crisis” is caused by high amounts of pathogens dying and leaving the body, and water helps prevent this by flushing toxins out more readily. Colloidal Silver can be taken orally (directly by mouth or diluted in water) or applied externally (the solution stains so be careful around clothing).

PLEASE NOTE: This page contains information researched on the Internet. This is not intended as a prescription, but instead as guidelines only. If you have questions you should consult a chiropractor, physician, health coach or other medical professional for additional information.


Reward's colloidal silver could help with mainly issues, including sinus and throat ailments, infections, boosting immune systems, urinary tract infections, various fungi, and of course digestive and gut issues. Based on EPA reference dose, our silver could be safely taken two times daily for 70 years. 

Here is a list of some conditions where people have benefited from using Colloidal Silver, as well as suggested dosing:

  • Acne: In the morning and at bedtime, cleanse skin and dry thoroughly. Apply Colloidal Silver spray directly on affected area. Allow it to dry. In conjunction take one tablespoon of Colloidal Silver in water orally twice a day. After skin has cleared, as a daily supplement maintenance dose, take one teaspoon Colloidal Silver in water once a day. 
  • Arthritis: one tablespoon of Colloidal Silver three times per day until symptoms have cleared. Continue with a maintenance dosage of one teaspoon Colloidal Silver daily.
  • Athletes Foot: Make sure foot is cleaned and dried thoroughly. Apply Colloidal Silver directly on affected area and let dry. Orally, take one tablespoon of Colloidal Silver, once a day, until the Athletes Foot has cleared. Continue with a maintenance dosage of one teaspoon of Colloidal Silver per day.
  • Cleansing: Many people have reported a tremendous increase of energy and faster thinking after doing the "Colloidal Silver Ten Day Cleanse." Take one teaspoon of Colloidal Silver three times a day in 8oz of water; also drink an additional ten 8oz glasses of water a day to help flush out dead pathogens.
  • Colds & Sinus Infections: 1/4 dropper 500ppm Colloidal Silver applied directly up each nostril, two to three times per day in conjunction with one teaspoon Colloidal Silver orally two to three times per day. After symptoms have cleared, continue with a maintenance program of one teaspoon per day orally to ensure infection is gone. 
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:1/4 teaspoon 500ppm Colloidal Silver in water three times a day. When symptoms clear continue on a daily supplemental maintenance dose of 1/4 teaspoon 500ppm Colloidal Silver in water. 
  • Ear Problems: Place drops of Colloidal Silver directly into the ear three times per day. It is helpful to place some cotton in ear afterward to avoid excess solution from dripping out. (Be careful not to stain your clothing.) 
  • Gingivitis: UNDILUTED take one teaspoon Colloidal Silver and apply directly to gums three times a day.  
  • Hay Fever/Allergies: To reduce hay fever symptoms, take one teaspoon Colloidal Silver orally per day. 
  • Herpes: When people with herpes feel an outbreak coming on and/or during an outbreak they have been known to use one teaspoon of Colloidal Silver orally three times daily and also apply Colloidal Silver directly to sores.  
  • Immune System Builder: To maintain a healthy immune system and general good health, take one teaspoon Colloidal Silver once per day in water or directly into mouth. 
  • Influenza: one tablespoon of Colloidal Silver orally three times per day. After symptoms clear, take one tablespoon per day. Drink at least ten 8oz. glasses of water per day to flush toxins. 
  • Pet Care: There are many happy pet owners using Colloidal Silver to help their pets. Colloidal Silver can be used on a pet’s eyes, ears, nose, and wounds, and can be taken orally, and can also be used to de-worm animals and  keep the animal free of parasites. Cut the adult human dose in half and notice the wonderful results. 
  • Prostate: 1 tablespoon of Colloidal Silver in water twice a day. Once the prostate has reduced in size and the infection has cleared, continue three more days of the same treatment then reduce amount of Colloidal Silver to 1 teaspoon per day as a maintenance dose. 
  • Skin Problems: For rashes, burns, scrapes, cuts, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, topical fungus, acne and more, apply Colloidal Silver two to three times a day externally, and also take one teaspoon orally twice per day until the symptoms clear. Continue with a maintenance plan of one teaspoon orally per day. 
  • Ulcer: one teaspoon Colloidal Silver orally three times a day, continue this amount for three days after the symptoms clear, continue a maintenance program of one teaspoon once per day. 
  • Urinary Track or Bladder Infections: one tablespoon Colloidal Silver orally three times per day for three days, then after symptoms clear, continue to take one teaspoon Colloidal Silver per day. Drink at least ten 8oz. glasses of water per day. 
  • Warts: Take one tablespoon Colloidal Silver orally two times a day & also apply Colloidal Silver to the wart directly, then cover with a band-aid. Repeat this procedure until the wart is gone, continue with a maintenance program of 1 teaspoon per day orally. Try to keep your feet as dry as possible, warts love to breed in warm, moist environments. 
  • Staph & Salmonella: one tablespoon Colloidal Silver three times per day until symptoms clear, then continue for two more days. Drink at least ten 8oz. glasses of water per day to flush out toxins. Take one teaspoon Colloidal Silver in water once a day as a supplemental maintenance dose. 


Disclaimer:The information found here is for educational use only and is not meant to be a prescription for any disease or illness. Because there is always some risk involved, the manufacturer, distributor or retail is not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of any or the preparation or procedures described. Check with a qualified health professional regarding the presence or treatment of any abnormal health condition. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.