The Perks of Buying Botanicals Online

Over the past six months, we as a nation have gotten very used to using our phones and computers to do our shopping due to this global pandemic.  While online shopping had been a luxury to many, it has recently become a necessity to all because of the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  As a result of many retail locations being forced to close temporarily due to being classified as “non-essential”, people were forced to purchase many of the things they rely on online; this includes natural medicines like those supplied by us at Reward Botanicals.

You may think that being forced to shop online is inconvenient, more expensive, and you need to wait longer to get what you need.  During times as trying as these, there is no doubt that this pandemic is taking a toll on people’s physical and mental health.  Taking care of your mental health right now is just as important has taking care of your physical health; even when there isn’t a public health crisis.

Because of the importance of social distancing, an ideal that is likely to be encouraged for the near future, people are tending to stay away from retail stores out of fear and an abundance of caution. Thank goodness that we, at Reward Botanicals, are here for you to buy your botanicals online.  Allow us to sway your opinion.

The Perks of Online vs. Retail

Arguments can be made that there are pros and cons of online and in-store shopping, but when you really dig deep, a case can be made that online is best. There are several pros to purchasing Reward Botanicals online. First, online stores are always open. Whether you’re shopping before your morning coffee or are tossing and turning at night, finally wanting to commit to CBD for sleep, we’re always available for your order. We’re also right next to you; figuratively speaking of course. We’re only as far away as where your phone or computer is lying.

Now that CBD has been officially taken off of the banned substances list and is legal for distribution nationwide, CBD retailers are popping up everywhere, but that doesn’t mean that you’re bound to be in close proximity to one. Well, you might be, but is it reliable?  You can find CBD at your corner gas station, but that doesn’t mean that it’s good quality.  Natural and holistic medicine shops that carry CBD tend to open in more urban and suburban areas than they do in rural areas, so it would make sense that online shopping is best for those not in close proximity to a larger city. Another thing to consider is that not everybody has a car, access to ride share companies, taxis, or access to public transportation, but nearly everybody these days has a smartphone.  In fact, you’re probably reading this on it right now.

Reward Botanicals never closes when you shop online. Don’t be restricted to posted hours and shop when you want by buying your botanicals online right here at Reward Botanicals!