So What is CBG and Why Should You Care? Reward Has Answers

So there is CBD which is the short version of cannabidiol, and then there is CBG, which is cannabigerol. 

Both are from the cannabis plant, both have therapeutic benefits, and both are cannabigerol, actually. 

Confused yet? Let Reward help you. 

You probably hear about CBD more than the less popular CBG, but that might change as more research is performed and more information is collected on the medical value. Things change rapidly in this industry, and the US is making up for lost time as we learn more and more about this incredible ancient plant. 

Let’s Break It Down For You

CBG and CBD are both part of the complex, extensive makeup of the cannabis sativa plant. You might also recognize THC, another very popular compound from the plant. But neither CBD nor CBG has the intoxicating effects of the THC compound, so you don’t get the “high” feeling from these closely related compounds. Also,  due to the legality surrounding cannabis in the US, CBG tends to be harvested from hemp as opposed to the marijuana part of the cannabis plant.

A Nov. 2020 article cites studies that indicate that “CBG may have therapeutic potential in treating neurological disorders (e.g., Huntington's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, and multiple sclerosis), inflammatory bowel disease, as well as having antibacterial activity.” However, there have been many calls for more research and studies on this cannabinoid, as it does not have as many as the more well-known CBD. Does that mean it is less effective than its close cousin?

Not necessarily. 

In fact, as researcher and neurologist Ethan Russo explains to us, his Entourage Theory provides details on how combinations of cannabinoids work better when they work together, as opposed to when they are simply working as individual compounds. 

One of the most notable examples of this synergistic relationship is how chronic pain patients tend to tolerate and receive more benefits from formulas with THC:CBD, than if each cannabinoid was delivered separately. Russo himself calls for more research in this area, as we are genuinely looking at the tip of the iceberg in terms of the potential benefits - and pitfalls - of CBG. 

To date, there doesn’t seem to be too much to worry about as far as pitfalls go, as much of the research is showing us today. In fact, studies are indicating that CBD combined with CBG have the prospect of packing a powerful punch when it comes to fighting cancer. These preliminary results are exciting, and we are looking forward to learning more. 

What we are learning is that CBG is known for its potential digestion-boosting and antibacterial effects, while the better-known CBG has a calming effect on the nervous system, which is not the case with CBG. CBG has a leg up on bonding with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which actually has cannabinoid receptors that are just waiting there for CBG (and CBD) to come calling. They are like little catcher’s mitts that already exist in our bodies, just waiting for cannabis to come join the party. 

A 2016 study found that CBG treatments can produce appetite-stimulating results suggesting that it could be used as a novel treatment for disorders impacting eating and body weight regulation. Additionally, a recent Newsweek article reported that “another study from 2020 investigated the antibacterial properties of 18 cannabinoids, including CBG, against...antibiotic-resistant staph infections” finding “that CBG was the most powerful of the cannabinoids tested and was equally as effective as the powerful antibiotic vancomycin.”

The Reward Difference When it Comes to CBD and CBG

Reward works to cultivate strains with higher CBG concentrations at our Tennessee lab. We know exactly where our strains come from, we are USA-made (nothing from China), and we stand by all of our products as pure and natural. Reward works to not only provide the highest quality and effective products, but we maintain some of the best prices in the industry, in an effort to make cannabis solutions available to all. We hope you will enjoy our CBG oils as well as our CBD ones. Thank you for your patronage.