Reward CBD's Guarantee to YOU

At Reward CBD, you are covered by our guarantee: We do what we say.

Reward CBD has you covered. We stand by our complete line of CBD and holistic products, so you can rest easy knowing you have the best, highest-quality CBD on the market today. Here's why:
  • Reward CBD is made in the USA. Not China. Why is this so important? First, there is a huge lack of transparency when it comes to CBD’s origin and its test results when the product is from China. And second, cultivation environment is so important is because of hemp’s properties of absorbing contaminants from the soil while the plant grows. So if the soil is not clean - and instead has high levels of lead, mercury or other heavy metals - then that plant could have high levels of toxicity. Be sure you know where your CBD is coming from, or you might not be purchasing a high-qualiy, safe, effective product. That's all we have at Reward; you can count on our quality, as outlined by the FDA Farm Bill.
  • We are here to help people, and that's why Reward's prices are so competitive. This is our community, and we wan tto help others feel better - naturally. That is our main motivation, so we work to keep our prices low. We have recently reduced pricing on our most popular items to ensure they are accessible to all. 
  • Reward CBD holds third-party certificates of analysis on our products, ensuring the quality and potency of our CBD. Accurate labeling of CBD is very important. Anyone can print a label and put it on a bottle and stock it in a gas station. Sometimes that label says 5000mg CBD, but after analysis by a third-party lab, the true potency reveals itself as 50mg. That's a big difference, and you just got royally scammed. You absolutely do not have to worry about that with Reward CBD: Our products are accurately labeled and we have the COA to prove it. 
  • No solvents. Period. While many manufacturers use solvents in a process typically called high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), Reward CBD uses its own proprietary extraction process that has - say it with me - no solvents. Your body doesn't want or need solvents, so we keep them far away from you. Every single one of our products are safe and effective.
  • Your transactions with Reward CBD are secured and all transactions federally protected by FDIC. You can shop online with confidence. 
  • If your order is not what we said it would be, we will refund your money upon return of our products. No restocking fee. We will do what we say. Check out our refund policy for details.
  • We are a trusted vendor of the Southern Pharmacy Cooperative (SPC). You know you are in good hands with Reward as a supplier for all your CBD needs. The SPC recommends Reward Botanicals, located in Smyrna, Tenn., so you know you can rely on to have the highest quality CBD, made in the USA, and with very competitive prices.
  • We answer our calls and texts, we return calls and texts, we return emails, you will speak to a human. We are not a huge corporation with rotating sales staff. We are regular people spreading the good word about quality CBD. Contact Rich, Todd or Sheryl using our online form

Beware of CBD scammers out there. They can be pretty scary.
Be safe and stick with Reward CBD.